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I love you ZAYN!!!!!

Hallooo. World is blue. My heart just broke to a million.. Zaynnnnnn Zayyyynn Zayyyyyn... do you hear me??? Oh, come on clear it.. say its just a joke. Zayn please, zayn we love you i love you Zayn. You are a part of my life, you save me every single day, I'm just don't know what to say. I'm so damn sad.
Zayn Malik, ahh nama dengan ribuan cerita. Zayn, I'm so sorry. Deep in my heart I really know who's much feel hurt.. I know its hard for you too. You not just leave a band, but a friend, a world, and I believe you never leave us. I still try, I try to understand your choice. I wish you a happy life Zayn, stop tattos, drugs. Just be happy with Perrie, just enjoy your day with your big family and your friends. Just promise me, you'll be healty, you'll be okay, you'll be happy. Zayyn, I hope someday I will meet up with you. I just wanna say you are one's of my livesever.
Zayn, I love you. I do.
Sorry for hurting you.
Hai! Perkenalkan aku Rumi, ya, seseorang yang bisa dibilang bingung mau cerita ke siapa dan suka berbagi. Jadi, selamat datang di blog penuh dengan curhat dan pengalamanku ya, semoga bermanfaat!