Friday, 14 April 2017


Sometimes there is a feeling you cant handle to around your day, you cant drive well your every inch pain. You just too tired of being strong. Masyaallah. 
In every exhale and inhale you always try to be positive. To believed the day when all the patient payoff will coming soon. You never lose hope. Youre pray smoothly and also harder. Youre do good things to forget the page of ass. But, you never be good enough. You try try and try. And still, you never good enough.
You just so tired but your dream cant wait.
When you build up all your dream and the universe just like does not appreciated at all. Maybe my dream are too big. Maybe I am not fight well. Maybe I do so much sins to make my prays came true soon.
I'm just Feeling so unwell rightnow and I dont know who to talk about with. I'm just feeling so unwell. I cant believe myself. I cant believe this world and how its works out. For this time. Yaa Rabb.
When you do your best but you cant succsess.
Youre nothing but a liar..
I'm survivor, I'm strong than I never been. 
Start today.

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